The Holy Bible - Tamil-English

The Holy Bible - Tamil-English 4.00

Read the Bible in both Tamil and English
Study the Bible and compare the differences between the Tamil and English versions of it. Search for specific verses, use color schemes and choose between separate or interlinear reading modes.

Tamil is a language spoken in several parts of India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries. This free program features the Christian Bible both in English and Tamil.
By default, the program opens with the Tamil Bible, but you can set it to show the English Bible, or to display both of them at the same time. This is especially useful for comparison and study purposes. You can set other options as well, such as the color scheme of the interface, which can be different in both of the Bible languages, the style of the verse arrangement, and the menu color scheme, among other elements.

The program has a search feature that allows you to sear for words in the entire text or in any part of it. The drawback is that searches can be made only in Tamil and not in English. Nevertheless, the program includes a Tamil keyboard layout so you can write Tamil words easily for performing searches

If you like to study languages, this can be a useful tool for learning Tamil. Also, if you are a cleric or a Bible scholar, this program will allow you to compare and study the Scriptures both in English and Tamil.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Free
  • Useful for comparison and study purposes


  • Searches can be made only in Tamil and not in English
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